6 thoughts on “Unrequited Love”

  1. Keith, congratulations for your story being picked up by the Publishing Company. My daughter, Kelsey, started a Bible Study on John which she runs on Zoom each Thursday nigh at 8:30 PM. I am teaching it. I added your email to the invite with the Zoom connection information so if you and/or Carole would like to tune in, we’d love to have you. I put together things I wrote on Facebook into a book entitled “Every Day for A Year, Biblical Thoughts and Interactions” and sent it to Christian Faith Publishing Company. They accepted it and it should be published by the Fall. I wanted to have something to give my grandkids and I was thinking of self-publishing a book, but this puts it into better hands. Anyway, I mention you and Carole in prayer from time to time as I mentally traverse the country and world. Win



    1. Thank you for the invite, Winston. I particularly enjoy the Gospel of John. Our group in Alexandria spent 18 months reading and discussing John, including how it influences our lives. Unfortunately 8:30 is Carole and my bedtime. We get up well before sunrise. Is the study and discussion recorded so I could pull it up in the morning?


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